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Re: The strong link between 70s/80s Trek literature & JJ Abrams Star T

Interesting Christopher, I didn't really know how that particular side of the industry operates. I would rather they hadn't done it, but I'm not overly bothered

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I thought they drew more on the early TOS movie (I-IV) "vision" of the Trekverse. The more colourful aliens, the bigger scope that comes with a bigger budget - all of which was reflected and expanded upon in the novels of the time. TNG, DS9 and VOY seemed to make the Trekverse and the Federation a far less colourful place.

The writers are on record that the novels influenced their movie. There are more references and nods to a wider variety of Treks than in any other movie - Starbase One was inspired by Franz Joseph's Starfleet HQ, the USS Newton looks just like the Proxima-class from the old Starfleet Command games, the USS Kobayashi Maru was based on a set of 80's fan-made blueprints, Kirk's parents were loosely based on Diane Carey's versions etc.

The early version of the script at IMSDB even mentions "cthia" from Diane Duane's Spock's World.

Commercialism in Trek has been seen before - Crisis on Centaurus had a few current day buisnesses namedropped as being active in the 23rd century. FASA and Shane Johnson's manuals went further, inventing and detailing many future-companies that manufacured everything from food synthesizers to warp nacelles to future-cars (one of which, Leeding Engines Ltd, was namedropped on the now-defunct Experience the Enterprise promotional website)

I love them for taking inspiration from the whole of Trek, not just the movies and episodes. And I thought Star Trek had a lot more depth and emotion to it than any other summer blockbuster I've seen. I can't wait for Into Darkness
Yeah good point - Star Trek I-IV with the colorful aliens certainly must have been a huge inspiration. I thought that alien on the Kelvin's bridge looks like that navigator from TAS too

The economics of the Federation has always been an interesting topic. I know that the Federation certainly has some form of currency, the credit, and there is some evidence to suggest private companies still exist (unknown if they still operate like present-day companies, or are run like some sort of anarchist collective).

Because of the conflicting views, most of which point to some kind of post-scarcity society, I guess I would rather they just left it alone, and let people speculate
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