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Also sometimes people suffer from 'bridge syndrome' (for lack of a better term). The idea that the period between two events must present a logical gradient - a ship or phaser made in between two other models, must look like a hybrid of the two. Sometimes this works okay - the Ambassador class looks like a lovely intermediate step between Excelsion class and Galaxy class. But other times, it's taken as a rule, and undermines what really determines the look, feel and technology of any era - practicality and logic. Trying to bridge things can create an autistic view of history, which is all about symmetry, and is very stifling to creativity.
Hmm, that's an interesting thought, one worth keeping in mind. I daresay I am doing some "bridging" in A Choice of Futures, when it comes to things like starship and uniform design, at least. But I daresay there's at least one significant thing in the book that I'm taking in a direction nobody would expect given what's known about its status in the 23rd century.

One question I would have is to what extent the USS Kelvin's era will influence the story?
A lot of people have wondered that, but it's important to remember the time frames involved. The Kelvin era is the 2230s, more than 70 years after the Federation's founding. As the title Enterprise: Rise of the Federation should indicate, I'm focusing on a much earlier period, the 2160s. You might as well ask how much the American Civil War would influence a story taking place during George Washington's presidency.
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