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Re: Current novels set in the TV time-frame?

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Why was Marco Palmieri laid-off? The DS9 relaunch was a very enjoyable series of books.
Remember how the global economy crashed late in 2008? The American publishing industry was hit very hard and publishers had to desperately cut costs in order to avoid bankruptcy. Simon & Schuster had to lay off dozens of people in dozens of departments, lightening their load as much as they could. At the time, Pocket's media tie-in department had several editors on staff, and the cost-cutters decided that was a redundancy they could do without. Since their only consideration was saving money, they laid off the editor who had the highest salary -- who happened to be named Marco Palmieri. The fact that he'd earned that salary by doing such superb work was of no concern; they were bailing out a sinking ship, trying to stay afloat, and that was their only consideration. A lot of people at S&S and other publishers lost their jobs for reasons that had nothing to do with their performance. (Recall that a few months later, the other main Trek editor at the time, Margaret Clark, was also laid off in the second set of companywide purges.) The economic crash affected our lives in many ways, and this was how it affected Simon & Schuster.

But fortunately the economy eventually began to recover, publishers started hiring again, and Marco was hired as an editor by Tor Books, where I think he's very happy to be.
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