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Re: The STAR TREK III-Love & Appreciation Thread

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The CFQ issue mentioned upthread has some stuff on it, including some production art in color. It is basically a sequence bridging between the BoP landing on Vulcan and everybody being way up the mountain in the temple. Everybody goes walking up, and a little girl does a 'live long & prosper' thing I think as Spock is carried past. I've been told there's even a pic of that somewhere, maybe on the bubble gum card set.

There is this Vulcan Hall of Big Heads (not what they call it) where they used a bunch of large photo cutouts that supposedly looked cool. I think at least one of the matte shots for the sequence wasn't even finished, probably this was cut when they first got their cut assembled. I think the cinematographer is quoted about it in that issue, saying something like 'the audience would have been getting ahead of them if he kept all that in the movie.' Surprised it never got put in as an extra to sate all those Vulcanolics out there.
And that Vulcan child even gets a credit at the end of the film, so that is even stranger! Yeah, I love the Vulcans and would love to see this footage someday, even if it lasts for just a few seconds.

I thought i would also mention my favorite nuPhaser and Communicator are from III. I know the props are a small part to most people, but there is an avid prop fandom community and these are just elegant re imaginings of the classics.
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