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Re: Minor BTTF Part Two question

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No one is complaining that the TNG Remastered project has *fixed* a ton of things that were wrong with the originals, like the energy beam coming out of the phaser strip rather than the Captain's Yatch for example. In a "purist" sense, they should have left it like that, but in "HD".

So why no complains on small changes like that that fix logical problems? That's what I'm asking for in BTTF. I'm not asking for an animated Jar Jar Binks character to be added to all the movies as Marty McFly's best buddy sidekick. This is always the implication anytime someone asks for scened to be fixed.
That's a fair question. I believe Raiders was also tweaked in its DVD/blu releases to remove a rather visible glass pane between Ford and a snake in the Well of Souls, and there weren't any protests over that, either.

In the case of TOS and TNG, hardly anyone (not even the shows' creators) ever expected HD presentations to occur, so in a sense, releasing the restorations at all is a big change that justifies some smaller changes. And we do seem to hold movies in higher esteem than even beloved TV shows, so there's that...

If Zemeckis offered retooled/enhanced shots via seamless branching while letting fans choose to watch the originals, I doubt many would object. But since he's said he's got no interest in that, many quite vocally back him up.
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