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Re: First Contact Censorship?

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Well what did surprise me is they bleeped out Cocharane's "Sweet Jesus!" when the Enterprise started following the Phoenix.

I mean... come on. Is our society becoming so "politically correct" that we can't even -mention- something mildly religious in public now? Really that's just sad.
Actually you've got it backward. Bleeping out oaths like that and "G*ddamn" is done to protect the sensibilities of Christians who would find them blasphemous. After all, that would be using the Lord's name in vain, which violates the Third Commandment. It's also using the name disrespectfully, as a swear word, which is hardly properly religious.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was going to mention.

But good on R.Star for blaming it on "political correctness", which of course is just a buzzword that means "those godless liberals". Swing and a miss, buddy.
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