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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Wow! Totally in hate Hook mode. I was never a real fan, but I suppose you become what you loathe/obsess over. Hook was probably never a bastion of virtue before he met Milah (spelling), but shooting an unarmed woman in the back makes you a monster.

It was nice to see karma visited on Hook via auto.

If Hook loved Milah (spelling) so much, why is he not worried about helping her kid? I guess ole Milah may not have cared that much at the end. She left Bae behind.

I am so glad that everyone knows that Regina did not do it. Regina has been pretty horrid in the past, but she is really trying for Henry. LP's performance is always divine. A little corner of me was happy when she nabbed Belle at the end, even knowing the poor woman was going to be locked up for years. It was just nice to see Regina.

I am growing a little tired of the Snow/Charming/Emma/Henry family unit. I was glad they were featured lightly this week.
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