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Re: First Contact Censorship?

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Pointing out restrictions in using the name "Jesus" in film-making guides from over 80 years ago is really stretching the point.

The movie is made. The references are there. What we are talking about here is SyFy's reason for editing them selectively. This is nothing new for the company that now owns SyFy. Google "SyFy censorship" for a plethora of examples. You should see what they've done to the lesbian relationship in "Lost Girl."
Christopher is right to correct the OP though, SyFy's reasoning in this case is nothing to do with avoiding the mention of religion, but rather avoiding offending the sensibilities of the sort of Christian who might get upset by blasphemy. I'm sure they didn't have those particular guidelines in mind when they did it, but in this case they did it for the same reason the guidelines were written.

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
This is why it would be a good idea to have a constitutional article guaranteeing free speech.
Not sure what point you are trying to make? I am sure you are aware that the USA has a constitution that makes such a provision, but it cannot force a private TV company to broadcast material they don't want to, and nor should it.
So it goes.
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