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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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It might have been filmed, but that scene was never in any version (first run, syndicated, home video) that I've ever seen.

The episode is better without it in my opinion. It just covers the same ground that the Riker/Guinan conversation did.
Agree. The Riker/Guinan scene covers much the same ground in a tighter and better way.
I can see your point, but to me the scenes are different.

The Riker/Deanna scene shows that he can't be the crew's big brother any more. He's gotta become their leader. That's what causes the change in his relationship with Deanna. But even then, he still feels that he is just keeping Picard's seat warm.

It's not until the scene with Guinan that he realises that he can't do it that way. He can't keep doing what he thinks Picard would do. he's gotta do things his own way, and it's only then that they start making progress towards defeating the Borg, as they kidnap Locutus.

So while the two scenes are very similar, there are important differences.
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