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Re: Sex and the City Prequel: The Carrie Diaries

“I wanted to meet her before she had sex, before she fell in love and before she met Manhattan,” said Harris. “I really wanted to explore that in the first season.” = Fuck you, fans! Amy B. Harris. What she's really saying is that the show must start with no sex and it can't be in a city. That's a compelling tribute to the original books.

Well... at least now's our chance to find out if Sex and the City continuity hounds are as rabid as science fiction fans.

"Respect teh canon11! Carrie's dad isn't dead and she hasn't had sex yet!!!11", and so forth.
CW raped my childhood and so on.
Charlotte shot first, etc.

Recipe for laughs and gags: De-raunched series plus continuity assfuck. I can't wait for this show. If it erases Sex and the City from existing, I stand to gain 40+ hours plus back plus two movies!

Solve for X:
[ Sex + City ] - [ Sex + City ] = X
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