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Re: Things old ladies do...

those nettles and a bit of ricotta, garlic and nutmeg also make a yummy filling for ravioli

The village on the roof is pretty cool indeed Only the moving stairs down in the shopping center are a bit loud and create a very low frequency hum (borderline to a vibration) that can be rather unnerving. Coincidentially, I have a tinnitus at almost the same frequenc so that I have 30 years of training in ignoring that hum/vibration
My penthouse is on top of the delivery area and the waste press, so that it's a bit loud during the day, but between 21:30 and 6:00 it is very quiet. And right under my terrace there's a sweets and tea shop
My neighbours are very nice, too. There's a student community to my left - they give me a 48 hour warning when they party and actually do turn the noise down when I ask them to! - and a gay guy in his late 30s to my right who is an absolute darling. Around the corner, facing my terrace, live an elderly lady and an old couple who all are very quiet and friendly.
Beyond them are two courtyards with students, an Asian family who runs a restaurant in the mall, two young families with small children and a rather nice young couple. All together we are about 30 people.

Fünen as we call Fyn sounds interesting. I've always wanted to go there and to the Dutch islands. Maybe I can combine both one day. What time of the year do you have the least tourists?
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