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Re: Australians - heat and fire

teacake wrote: View Post
I had a Canadian friend who used to say "the worst part of Canada is there is no South."
But it's America's hat.

Orac Zen wrote: View Post
Summer can sod off forever as far as I'm concerned. Anything over 30 degrees C is good for absolutely nothing, IMO. It's far easier to get warm than it is to stay cool.
Don't have an intuitive feel for what 30 C is but if I convert quickly it's around 85 or 86, which is already too damn hot for me. (Not bad off the cuff at 4 AM, eh?)

60 and a light breeze and I'm good to go.

I agree with your statement about warming up vs. cooling off. My line of work is dead in my neck of the woods these days, and I'm at a stopgap position. I'm searching nationally, and I'll go where the work is provided it's not 90 and muggy 9 months out of the year.
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