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Re: What are your plans for this year?

I'm planning to finish renovating my appartment: the hall still needs to be painted and there are a few heavy picture frames to be hung up, I must sew new curtains for the living room and I still have a few moving boxes to unpack.
I'd also like to get on with a highlander (the series) fanfic I started years ago.
And far on the top of my list there's a visit to my GP to find out whether my recent backpain is owed to a dislocated rib or a slipped disk.

@ Trekkiedane: If you ever tried German trains you'll prefer a car. I certainly do. Trains in Germany are never on time, indescribably dirty, uncomfortable, shabby, loud, highly expensive, badly maintained and the staff is rude or so badly informed themselves that they are anything but helpful.
Also, the train network is very bad. In order to visit my parents (75 km one way) I must switch trains 3 times and twice the connecting train leaves 5 mins before I arrive so that I must wait an hour for the next one And in the weekends many stations are closed so that I must wait in the open or in an unheated shed at -20C. The trip takes over 3 hours and costs 80 Euros, one way.
Renting a car for a whole weekend costs 85 Euros (plus 25 for gas) and the trip takes 55 minutes.
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