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Re: Character choice

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I guess I'm in the minority, but I never had a problem with Chakotay.
another minority member reporting in I thought him smart, loyal and handsome.

There's nobody on the list that I dislike. I do, however, strongly despise Kirk. Whenever Spock or Bones advised him not to do something, he would invariably do it nevertheless and consequently bring his ship, the crew and plenty of aliens - often even whole civilisations - in severe danger, getting countless nameless redshirts killed in the process and even extinguishing several species by killing their last members. His incompetence even got Spock killed once! How often he violated the prime directive is a question that propably not even Data could answer. A captain who was so ruthless to permanently ignore the regulations, damage the Federation's reputation and refuse to carry out orders ought to have been kicked out of Starfleet after the first 3 months!

Spock would by far have been the better (and more fascinating) captain.

And I am far from being the only one who thinks so: when I was a kid and TOS aired for the first time we'd play Enterprise every day. There was always a quarrel about who got to be Spock. Many of us wanted to be Bones or Scotty, but nobody ever volunteered to be Kirk. As we had to have the character in our games, we counted out who had to be Kirk and the unfortunate victim was much pitied.
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