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Re: Rank the Masters


I'm only going to go with the TV ones, since I am just starting to get into audio, and novels are a distant goal.

Let me preface that I don't mind goofiness in my TV or my Doctor Who specifically, but the Master seems to me to be someone of great dignity.

6. Seventeenth Master (the most recent one/"Harold Saxon")
Too ridiculous. Before I started watching classic Who, he was all right, but now I find him to be way too ridiculous a version of the Master.

5. Fifteenth Master (the one from the TV movie)
Somewhat menacing at first, then just a little too goofy and camp.

4. Thirteen and a halfth Master (the burned one)
It's hard to say about this version. I found him so unpleasant to look at it was kind of difficult to catch his performance. Seemed ok.

3. Sixteenth Master ("Yana")
Only very briefly actualized as The Master, but he was pretty menacing there. I liked him as Professor Yana too.

2. Fourteenth Master (Nyssa's dad's body)
Anthony Ainley's Master was a little silly, but he was a pretty cool villain. I actually like his little chuckle. I actually preferred his performance as Tremas, though.

1. Thirteenth Master (the first one)
The original Master, Roger Delgado, did a really great job. I thought he was a perfect foil for the Doctor.
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