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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Playback - Netflix Instant
Parenthood (1989) - DVD
Young Adult - Netflix Instant
Django (1966) - free admission
Django Unchained (2012) - free admission
Housesitter - DVD
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - YouTube
The Sting - free admission
This is 40 - free admission
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D - free admission
Parental Guidance - free admission
The Sting II - Netflix Instant
Abduction - Netflix Instant
Dial M for Murder 3D - free admission
Gangster Squad - free admission
Zero Dark Thirty - free admission

Since I saw The Sting at the theater the other day, I watched the psuedo-sequel via Netflix Instant. Two out of three main characters have similiar, but not exact, names from the first film, and while events from the first film are referenced, it just isn't the same. No way Paul Newman's grifter morphs into Jackie Gleason...

I wasn't too impressed with the second movie.

Watched the Taylor Lautner chase movie...I remember seein' the trailer awhile back, and bein' curious about Sigourney Weaver & Alfred Molina's roles in it. It was a very stupid movie. Glad I didn't bother with it in theaters last year.

Had a three-movie marathon at my theater today, since I had the day off.

First up, the Alfred Hitchcock classic in a restored digital 3D showin'...I really liked it, especially the police inspector in the second half, followin' the intermission.

Followed that up with the new period gangster movie...and while it had a good cast, the movie wasn't anything that ya haven't seen a million times before in other gangster movies. I did kinda like Robert Patrick's character especially, as a psuedo-cowboy gunslinger.

And then the Oscar-nominated ZDT, which was pretty awesome. I liked it quite a bit more than The Hurt Locker, and that night vision compound invasion was intense.

Got a plan to see an old spaghetti western tomorrow night, maybe a couple of DVDs or Netflix movies, too.
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