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Your Top Five DS9 Supporting Characters

Hey, fellow Niners! I'm new here. I'd curtsey, but there doesn't seem to be an emoticon for that. So I'll just do this.

Anyway, I'm currently re-watching DS9, and it occurred to me that one of the things that makes the series so great is its enormous cast of awesome supporting characters. The fact that there are so many characters who are as good as (and in some cases even better than) the main cast is definitely a testament to the quality of both the writing and the acting of the show.

So I was wondering, if everyone had to pick their five favorite supporting characters, who would they be? I had a tough time choosing mine, but here they are, in order. Sort of.

5. Weyoun. ALL of the Weyouns. He's such an interesting blend of menacing and obsequious. His blind obedience to the Founders may be the result of genetic engineering, but you kind of have to admire his loyalty. Plus he's hilarious.

4. Dukat. (Pre-pagh-wraith-psychopath story arc) To me, he's not really the villain you love to hate, so much as the villain you hate to love. He's a war criminal, a traitor, and a philanderer, but he's so danged charismatic, you can't help but like him. Even if you don't want to.

3. Martok. In my opinion, Martok is THE coolest Klingon ever. The dude doesn't even bother with an eyepatch; he just displays his grisly scars proudly for all to see. And he accepted Worf, Jadzia, and Alexander into his family. What a guy. And you've gotta love his laugh.

2. Nog. I never thought I'd use this word to describe a Ferengi, but Nog is adorable. At first I couldn't stand him. He was like every other typical money-grubbing, misogynistic Ferengi, only younger. (And smaller.) And then he announced that he wanted to join Starfleet and do something worthwhile with his life. And he did. And with his Starfleet training and his Ferengi resourcefulness, he became a valuable member of DS9. And I love his constant state of puppy-like exuberance. I wouldn't be surprised if Nog made Admiral before he was thirty.

1. GARAK. Do I even have to explain why Garak is number one? I loved that guy from the second he sat down next to Bashir, with his charming smile and unsettling gaze. His character is so deep and complex and multi-faceted, he'd be right at home in any Shakespeare play. It's no coincidence that the best DS9 episodes just happen to be the ones with Garak in them. It's also no coincidence that if you type "Garak is awesome" into a certain popular search engine, you'll get about half a million results. Nothing could ever persuade me to turn my back on Garak, but I'd love to have lunch with him.

There. Those are my top five. Who are yours?
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