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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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t alone makes the film damn, damn good.

And before you respond, remember one can make *anything* sound stupid if you sneer enough.

"Psssssh...'Godfather'...should be 'OhGAWDfather'...amirite?"
Not sure what connection you're trying make, but sneering has nothing to do with it. WOK is conceptually weak. Its entire plot teeters over a massive chasm of contrivance. It relies heavily on wizardry to create (and resolve) conflict. And the wishy-washy theme stumbles in several parts to the inevitable point where the conceit contradicts the set-up.

The story is moving; the drama is engaging; the action is snappy; the moral strikes a chord; Montalban is a BAMF, all that stuff. But to appreciate any of that, you pretty much have to turn your brain off the second Chekov flips the belt buckle and realizes he's a double dumbass who's forgetful and can't count to six.
Yeah but most of ST relies on contrivance. Step on a butterfly in 2200 and the Alpha Quadrant gets destroyed in half a dozen ways.

I don't care that Chekov wasn't in season one, or that no one did actually bother to check up on Khan, or that Chekov (as you rightly point out) can't count to six or that Kirk possibly didn't even record the whole damn thing.

I care that Kirk never learned to lose and that Spocks death hurts that much more for it. I care that Meyer ingeniously has a clock-ticking sound going in the 'condo scene'. And that he got out of Shatner a level of acting we hadn't seen in 15 years.

But I respect your opinion.
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