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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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What they've done is justify restarting the continuity of Star Trek over again from the point of its beginning - Kirk, Spock and the other crew serving aboard the Enterprise - by a plot contrivance which lets viewers attached to oldTrek say to themselves that the old continuity is not being ignored.

This is a reboot.
Of course it was a reboot. Indeed, I would have preferred a direct reboot without any pandering to the sensitivities surrounding these "realities" (e.g., promising fans that TNG, a fictional reality, was still "real.").
Was that for the videogame?
Hmmmm? Not sure if serious....

My recollection is that of conciliatory interviews given by Orci assuring fans that they had not changed or erased the reality of TNG and everything that came after, that nuTrek was a branch connected to it, but separate from it so that no changes to the new timeline would "invalidate" what happened in prior shows.
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