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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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As everyone has noticed the writers often use Star Trek to beat viewers over the head with a not at all disguised moral lesson but some times there's an episode that is just wrong. A friend and I were discussing this today and the most wrong episode we could come up with was a Voyager when the captain and Paris turned into slugs and abandoned their slug babies on an anonymous planet. That's so wrong on so many levels... My friend was sure there must be one worse in TOS but couldn't come up with one. I challenge this audience to come up with a more disturbingly messed up (on a personal level for the characters) episode, any series.
That's a good subject because I was just thinking of my initial reaction to "The Enterprise Incident". I knew it was well-held by the general populace, especially for a third-season ep...

but my first reaction was, "Wait. Why are we cheering these guys? They *did* just invade Romulan space and STEAL something didn't they? And destroy the career (if she and possibly others wern't executed) of an innocent woman, right?"
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