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TIL that the $ and signs are not only placed before the amount (I knew that) but also that there is no space between them and the amount.
[ $1.00 One Dollar - 1,00 One Pound]

This is contrary to both the € and the Kr. (aka DKK) which are placed after both an empty space and the amount.
[ 1,00 € One Euro - 1,00 Kr. One krone]
I was a bit confused by your statement on the Euro, since every time I've seen it written, it was in the form €1.00, and not how you've stated. So I researched a bit, and found out that there *isn't* a standard way of writing it, although it's usually before the number (and no space) when written in English. It seems the individual countries each have their own way of writing it, usually in the same way their previous national currency was written.
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