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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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"Man, Star Trek is pretty awful, isn't it; but it's still fun, I guess, so y'all just need to relax."
You'll have to excuse me, but can you indicate where I said that?
Sorry, calling TWOK 'stupid' completly invalidated your very long, well-thought out post.

And I'm not even referring to the stuff most people praise. The scene in Kirk's apartment alone makes the film damn, damn good.

And before you respond, remember one can make *anything* sound stupid if you sneer enough.

"Psssssh...'Godfather'...should be 'OhGAWDfather'...amirite?"

And I'm with Spiner on why Trek failed. It wasn't cause Frakes didn't direct Nemesis. It wasn't because Insurrection and Generations sucked (Psst, I liked Generations). It was "Because the fans were tired of us"*. Star Trek survived The Final Frontier FFS.

*Throw in a healthy dollop of bad buzz too Brent. People were bashing the film for months before it opened. Berman didn't kill Star Trek. Enterprise didn't kill Star Trek...WE KILLED STAR TREK.
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