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Re: Was the Xindi arc well thought out?

I liked the concept of a story arc that went beyond two parts. But as was observed above, there was too much filler that added nothing to the storyline.

Also, made no sense to me was testing the prototype on Earth. Another issue: Why didn't Daniels warn Archer about the coming attack?

Extinction: Complete waste of time. Nothing came of it.

Rajiin: Obtained info on human anatomy so Reptilians could make a bioweapon wipe us out before we could get into deep space.

Exile: It was nice to see Linda get more screen time. But since the Beast didn't contribute enough to help the crew, another wasted hour.

North Star: Interesting concept. Problem: a few episodes prior to this one Archer bitched Reed out for recommending caution in their efforts to get information about the enemy. And here, he's taking a couple of days off to play cowboys and skagarans in the middle of an URGENT MISSION.

Doctor's Orders: (also known as the plagiarized VOY episode "One")

Hatchery: The only thing this episode contributed to the mission was the acquisition of an Insectoid ship so the crew could pass through Xindi space.

E2: This episode was interesting enough but seriously, again, nothing substantive came of it. We never hear from the E2 crew again. Did those families die providing cover for the NX-01? Are they still out there?
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