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Re: So why doesn't Spock save Vulcan?

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But it's not a service for which I have any recollection of registering.
You are using bad reasons in a discussion with me. Reasons are designed to compel agreement. They are parts of proofs, things to which a reasonable person of goodwill must respond honestly. If the proof is good, I should say "Yes!" If the proof is bad, I am obligated to show how it does not command assent before saying "No."

I did not register to be presented with, for example, the intentional fallacy as a proof. When I am presented with it, I have every right, and am obligated to provide reason why such reasons are not compelling.

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Perhaps it might be dialed back a little, or even provided only upon direct request.
In that case I would be dishonest and indirect in reasoning with you.

You know, if it would significantly reduce the sort of smug, condescending and pointedly uncooperative which currently permeates this thread, I think I'd probably be able to live with that. Yes, I think I could.

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I don't have anything to contribute here ... just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the hell out of this.
Well, I'm happy someone's been having fun, but I think we're done here.
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