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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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The rent thing was idiotic. I don't care if space is at a premium, he's military, a government employee who runs the station, he's entitled to having rent free quarters that are bigger than normal. It was kind of a funny subplot, but it also didn;t really make sense, even for a government as inept as the earth government in B5.
Actually, given my experience with government, the military and bureaucracy in general, I find the scenario very much believable. For one thing, soldiers aren't given room and board for free while on base. There's such a thing as mess bills and I'm pretty sure they get charged rent for quarters. Hell, I think they're even charged (though very little) if they opt to live in barracks. That aside, never underestimate a bureaucrat's capacity for the very special kind of deep stupidity only achievable by the very intelligent.

After seeing this episode, I really want to see the Psi Corps get taken down. How many horrible things can this organization now be charged with? They've committed murder, rape, mind control (its atleast implied, plus what the empath was doing), torture, illegal human experimentation and more.
A charge requires evidence and Psi-corps are very careful about that sort of thing. Given that they can make witnesses forget what they've seen, or create ones from scratch if necessary, they've become *very* good at it. Plus most of the crimes they commit are against their own people. By and large, teeps and mundanes don't mix and so long as the Corps keeps rogue teeps under control, I'm sure EarthGov is happy to look the other way on the very rare occasions that something comes to light.
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I wonder why they even left it in the script, then? They could have added a scene that made a little more sense than that (or they could have casted someone who wasn't his ex-girlfriend, which seems like weird casting to begin with).
It probably wasn't a problem until Doyle found out that the actress in question had been cast in the role. By which point it's a bit late for a dramatic re-write.
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