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Re: Stormfront would have been better if...

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Zero Hour was such a great episode...and it has such an odd cliffhanger. never liked the Nazis showing up. i think a better cliffhanger would be to just stop the ep right after the crew realizes Archer didn't make it. that would give the writers time to come up with something better than Nazis.
Yeah I was thinking of something like that too. If Archer hadn't made it, that would've been a very powerful moment.

Other than that, if they had to shock us, I wish Archer had wound up on an alternate Earth or a changed time line where the Romulans or Remans had invaded. When he returned to normal time the crews memories could be erased. I figured it would be a way to get a Romulan War without having to devote a lot of seasons or time to it. But a little four or five episode arc could've been awesome.
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