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Re: So why doesn't Spock save Vulcan?

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But it's not a service for which I have any recollection of registering.
You are using bad reasons in a discussion with me. Reasons are designed to compel agreement. They are parts of proofs, things to which a reasonable person of goodwill must respond honestly. If the proof is good, I should say "Yes!" If the proof is bad, I am obligated to show how it does not command assent before saying "No."

I did not register to be presented with, for example, the intentional fallacy as a proof. When I am presented with it, I have every right, and am obligated to provide reason why such reasons are not compelling.

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Perhaps it might be dialed back a little, or even provided only upon direct request.
In that case I would be dishonest and indirect in reasoning with you.

When you pronounce, "Orci says it's branching timelines only. Period. The End. Final Word. Full Stop. The End.," for example, I would either have to submit to the intentional fallacy or disengage from directly reasoning with you.

The most direct way to show what is wrong with reasoning is to show the argument type of which the reasoning is an example.

Your reasons (like all reasons) make a demand upon me (assent!), to which I must respond by so doing, or showing a flaw in the proof. You signed up for the diagnosis when you presented me with the proof. If you don't want flaws in reasoning pointed out, then use better reasons or stop making demands for assent (i.e., offering me proofs in this thread).
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