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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

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The Benzite populace is naive if it thinks that the Romulans aren't trying to exploit this situation merely for a political or possibly even long-term military agenda. And yet being liberated is a powerful incentive and it looks there is little the Federation can do, in legal terms, to stop this push for independence and Romulan takeover. In legal terms ...

Great stuff.
Thanks for reading and commenting CeJay. I'm glad you are still liking the rewrite thus far. As I'm going through this I just keep realizing how much stuff I left out or didn't address the first time. Like the long passage ahead of this reply. That gave me a chance to lay out what the Romulans are thinking, in addition to carrying through on an old loose thread from "Under the Shadows of Swords" regarding Senator Tal'Aura's competition with Hiren for Praetor.

As for the Benzites I think many feel a deep sense of gratitude for what the Romulans did to liberate their world, which of course doesn't stop the Romulans from using that to their advantage.
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