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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The end result is a very impressive torpedo boat that is high on damage and crits very often. Set all weapons on auto-fire and what you have is a torpedo boat that continuously spew deadly torpedo after deadly torpedo, both fore and aft.
Frankly, I doubt it. Torpedoscorts usually perform terrible, maybe even worse than Beamscorts.
Got any parse?

Survivability-wise: on one hand you can run very high Shields, on the other hand you've got a weak Shield & Deflector.
I haven't done any parses since my combat log parsers all broke down at the same time and are giving me nonsensical dps values. In terms of subjective experiences, I have seen my ship can take an ISE generator from full hitpoints to 50% hitpoints in a single volley from my 4 forward torpedo bays, so I'm pretty sure its dps is 5k or more. Definitely much more than that of a beamscort.
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