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Re: Spock Ethical Dilemmas

To continue,...

Spock actually faces moral and ethical dilemmas all throughout the series,.. if you take his speeches which denote the Vulcan philosophies, beliefs, and attitudes toward nature and other sentient beings, and all manner of flora and fauna; and juxtapose those ideals against the vast majority of situations we find him in, decisions he must make. even the missions assigned to them by the UFP, you would find much like all the violations and infractions of the Prime Directive itself, Spock violates his spoken beliefs on an episode by episode - and even scene by scene basis.

Simple case in point:

We have all heard that tired old hat speech about how "the needs of many must out weigh the needs of the few",.. and although they played out the inner conflict through some of the best dialog of the series,.. in the final analysis, Spocks plea to Kirk is to Kill the Horta - the last of its kind, and mother to hundreds of thousands of offspring,... just to save his personal friend.

Of course Spock cannot live up to the beliefs and standards we are told he and his people hold dear,.. or Kirk would have been 'Fried Spaghetti' - with no further thought than any other computation of selfless logic.

Which of course you can't do, since it kills off the star, and thus ends the series.

So, Spock as written MUST go against much of what he espouses on a regular basis in order to tell an effective story,.. Just as Kirk MUST violate the PD time and again.

The Spock moral/ethic speeches are beautiful, but quite contrary to so many of the actions and decisions he takes.

If you were to make a real study of the violations, I am sure the list would easily quintuple that of the PD violations so often dragged out.

Listen to his speech to Dr. Sev & Adam,.. and then watch the Horta scene I cited,... "Non Sequitur", quoth Nomad.
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