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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

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Doing this is asking for trouble, sort of like that time when the GOP tasked Stephen Colbert with M.C. some GOP event, apparently unaware of the "joke" that Colbert played the ultra-conservative on his show and was really a liberal.
That's not what happened. It wasn't a GOP event. It was a press association event to which Bush was invited.
Yeah, I forgot the context of the event. Still, they brought Stephen Colbert to their event seemingly unaware of the "joke" and "character" he plays. Lord knows what they were thinking or why they thought he'd use the event as anything other than a chance to do his shtick to pick on the administration.

Really, when you hire Seth MacFarlane to do ANYTHING you can't complain about what happens as a result.
When you hire anyone to do anything you have a right to complain if their work isn't the quality of what you paid for.
But you don't have the right to complain when the work they do is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE KNOWN FOR! I mean, would you task Andrew Dice Clay for your event and NOT expect him to cuss like sailor?

(No, I've no idea why I picked ADC.)
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