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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

To the Last Man
Great episode. This was one of the few times a romance on this show felt believable, and Tosh finally gets a decent episode after being in the background for so much in the previous series. It started with a cool teaser and went on from there. The actor that played Tommy really made me feel like he was from another time. I liked the ending too since there were no easy happy ending saves.

Have you ever wonder where all the mystery meat from hamburgers come from? This episode gives a possible answer.

One of the weirdest episodes of the show so far! But it was one of my favorites since we finally find out way more about one of the minor reoccurring characters on this show. I've always wondered who the hell this Rhys guy was, besides being Gwen's boyfriend and that background character who gets all the comedy scenes whenever he appears. I think they made him a little too stupid early on, and was glad that he learns about the fact that aliens exist. The fact that he gets to keep the knowledge at the end of the episode was great.

The whole using a huge alien for meat thing was REALLY out there. The CGI for it was quite bad, but the writers did make me feel sad for the creature. I had a hard time believing it would survive at the end since it was so ridiculously huge so they went with the only ending that they could do.

Gwen asking "What is this, Scooby-Doo?' during the talk about the sting operation was cute.

One of the best episodes so far. Damn, that actor that played Adam was so creepy. When the episode started I was reminded of all the bad fan fictions out there when an author inserts himself into a show/movie and makes himself the best character ever. Thankfully, the episode went a more dramatic route with the mind rape and danger. I feel so uncomfortable watching the scenes with Adam and the messed up Tosh, and the mental assault by Adam on Ianto.

I was actually quite worried that Gwen would kill Rhys when she first saw him and didn't know who he was. This episode gave lots of background on their relationship and by the end it became more believable for me. I liked Rhys trying to get her to "remember".

There were some huge flashbacks to Jack's past. We learn way more about him in this episode in fact. He is from the future and he had a lost brother named Gray.

Also what the hell is Adam? The episode doesn't go too much into that.
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