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Re: Spock Ethical Dilemmas

Actually BILL, I was referring to the other quality the writers gave this character, and that is SULU's private passion is plants and flowers, being his hobby... butt I guess that offends you too,... again, send those complaints to J.D.F. Black, the episode writer,.......after all, what would the womanizing-macho Capt think about his ace weapons officers enjoying "panzies", in his off time,... THAT was unspoken eye-brow raising dialog I was referring to.

That was the outing I was talking about,.... where YOU are coming from,.. well, I have no idea,.. it's a place this man has not gone before.

How your personal sensitivities, projections, fears and guilt, lifestyle choices and why you decided to assign to my posts all this other talk, was wholly contained in all in your posts, not mine, and that is the only place such talk wormed its way into thread.

So please, re-read the posts of mine and you shall see I never mentioned such things of which YOU speak; I was talking about his botany hobby,.. YOU can make it about whatever YOU choose, butt please, do not involve me in your person business. This is a platform to discuss a TV show, not a place for you to push your personal agenda and lifestyle choice onto others.
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