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Re: why is s6 > s7 ?

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Season 7 holds a special place for me because it was when I began watching TNG. I watched it first run and then started from the begining in syndication. In hindsight, I think S6 is definitely the peak. There are some real duds in S7. I don't hate Genesis as much as most do, but Masks, Thine Own Self, Sub Rosa, horrible. Sub Rosa is one of the worst eps of the series, if I were Gates McFadden I would have refused to film it.
I started watching with Season 7 as well but the only episode that I truly cannot bare to watch now is Sub Rosa.

Personally I think the main source of stinkers in Next Generation is Season 5. The Game, New Ground, Hero Worship, Violations, The Masterpiece Society, The Outcast, Cost of Living, Perfect Mate, Imaginary Friend. I seldom watched these during the reruns.
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