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Re: Great Intelligence (Spoilers)

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
I don't understand the antipathy in some corners of fandom for Blogtor Who. You can't link to Blogtor Who articles on Gallifrey Base, for example; the software will munge up the link and make it unusable. Maybe it's Blogtor Who's unwillingness to toe the party line? That's one of the striking things about fandom in the past few years, the inability in some quarters to tolerate a "loyal opposition" of criticism done out of love rather than hate.
No, it's because they have non-copyright holder approved YouTube links and any site like that is munged up when tried to be linked on Gallifrey Base.

Not that I support Blogtor Who anymore than I do Tom Spilsbury; someone once described them as the Heat Magazine of Doctor Who and that's a fair description.

diankra wrote: View Post
Konata pretty much says it all: everybody who's ever worked on Doctor Who has taken the sensible attitude that if continuity gets in the way of a good story, you ignore it
Shame the story itself was pretty disappointing, especially the origin of the Great Intelligence. Snow reflected off a child's thoughts who becomes "real" when the guy's memories are deleted?? Pretty underwhelming origin, even if it didn't contradict anything.
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