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Re: can star trek animated series be reanimated for a blu ray release

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most people disliked it due to it using bad animation. Why cant for a future blu ray release CBS just reanimate the series with top of the line animation while still using the same stories and voices by the actors.
The amount of time spent reanimating TAS with traditional hand-drawn cells or CGI animation at 24fps would be a lot more $ than the Blu-rays they would sell or the views they got on a paid streaming service.
The recycled music would really feel worse than it is if the picture got an update and not that music.
So much would need updating including adding to the original Effects audio stems with stereo backgrounds and additional ship rumble for the 7.1 audio mix.
CBS Home Video will probably release TAS to Blu-ray but it will be AS-IS and not a new telecine in 4k or anything else.
additional special feature documentaries would be shot and edited but that is all. maybe some storyboards or deleted scenes from scripts read aloud while you see storyboards. New audio commentaries too.
That is all the work CBS Home Video wants to put into TAS.

The next and last we'll see of William Shatner, Nimoy, and the gang will be a remaster and re-release of the first 6 films around 2015-2016. They will all most likely get 4k scans (except STII:TWOK which already did) and remasterings. Those 4k masters will be held onto for eventual release in a yet unnamed 4k download format.

Not a bad idea to reanimate TAS tmosler but I'd rather have a new Trek animated series rated TV-14 (in USA) for adults not for kids. Heavier science in the stories and less action. It is hard to do heavier character stories when they are just animated and not nuanced like live-action. See SWThe Clone Wars for the right direction for animated Trek.
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