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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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This is another one of those "dated" qualities about the show. You can't avoid it, because it was produced in the 1960's.
I'm more annoyed with the occasional disregard of rank...then I am with subsurface racism. They are after all...'human'.
Most fictional militaries do the same. Especially comedies. The higher the rank the higher the ridicule.
Remember this was the era of McHale's Navy and Gomer Pyle and F Troop and all sorts of service comedies. Like Nerys said, it was a TV show, not a documentary on military protocol . . . .

Heck, even today, detectives on cops shows routinely go behind their commander's backs. "Damnit, Beckett, you're off the case!" Etc.

Is it realistic? Who knows? But it makes good TV.
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