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Re: Orci again claims new series in pre-development

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Star Trek is not required to "inspire the real world." It's nice when that happens, but its purpose in life is just to make $$$ for Paramount or CBS shareholders. A kid's cartoon could do that perfectly well. And maybe it will inspire kids, they're part of the real world too.
Cynical BS. I don't care if the kids get their cartoon. That's fine. But it's no substitution for a proper series.
It's cynical but it's far from BS. In fact, I don't think it's cynical so much as just realistic. The entertainment biz is not noted for making social responsibility a high priority in what they actually produce (as opposed to what they put in their press releases.)

Depends on what you mean by "successful".
I meant financially successful, since that's the one factor that determines everything. The likely outlets for a live action series are places like Showtime, HBO and Netflix - where high quality will be rewarded - so I'm really not concerned about that factor.

If a live action series gets made at all, it's likely to be good, but good in a way that Star Trek hasn't ever been to date - more complex, more adult. And that's going to piss some people off.

If you're talking financially, there is none, because no one has intentionally tried to make an animated show for the adult demographic.
That's why I keep saying, "if it's animated, it's for kids. If it's live action, it's for grownups and many fans who expect it to be in the old broadcast style will be very angry about the result."

I dunno - DS9's level of serialization seemed about on par with USA's cable dramas (or at least when Burn Notice started - the shows got more serialized as they went on).
I don't expect it to be on USA, because that's the wrong audience. USA does no sci fi at all. (I think I saw a story about a sci fi ish series in development for them, but that's a long ways from them doing a space opera. USA would be far more likely to do one of those shows about cops hunting ghosts or vampires where one of the partners is a ghost or vampire, and for shows of that type, semi-serialization is just fine.)

The level of serialization will be determined by what viewers of the channel its on are used to. The most likely outlets for live action are channels where heavy serialization is the norm. Or, if it's a kids cartoon on The Cartoon Network, it might opt for serialized sequences of two, three or four episodes in a half hour format.

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