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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices


Sorry for the long absence, I have been "heavily occupied" on an Amusement and Pleasure Planet located in the Omicron Delta system for quite some time.

However, I recently was kicked-out, or more properly "not invited back"; this, after being discovered as the singular guest who was wearing out their stock of fembots at an alarming rate,.. and was also discovered to be the mysterious guest who was gaining access to the Japanese fighter plane, and making repeated strafing-runs on the "White Rabbit'.

Okay,... first off,.. amazing scenario you cooked up,.. top shelf!

The short answer is simply NO; I could take no part whatsoever in any type of a coup,.. totally against my personal morals and ethics, and what the whole spirit is the UFP is "SUPPOSED" to be about.

Your MOST EXCELLENT scenario hits on the same basic dilemma which STAR TREK FAILED to examine properly in THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT,... As told, it was a rah-rah-sis-boom-bah,., our ends justify our means, and therefore can be as unethical as our competitors (read: enemy governments) because our nationalist pride says we are the "good guys",... and god guys are allowed to be as slimy as the bad guys, because we are "right".

Love that episode as an adventure, hate the cultural indoctrination message it carries.

So,.. I could not be a party to the scheme - with full understanding of the potential fall-out - and still wear the uniform with my head held high.

If given the option, I would apply whatever influence I could to aid Gorkon in "Selling" his position to the Empire, while trying to get K'reel to "come about", as it were (which I realize is not very likely).

So if it comes down to intergalatic war in either case, perhaps THAT would be the time for the UFP to reconsider their own position, and let the Empire runs its own government, and simply butt-out, keep the Klingons on their side of the zone established by the Organians,.. and on the the CORRECT SIDE of a Phaser (being the emitter-nozzel end),... harsh? perhaps, but that's how I like my TREK.

Good to see you and thanks for the question,... SISKO!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
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