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Re: Things old ladies do...

Captain Ice, my mom made chocolate covered walnuts this year. Absolutely awesome, especially the ones with white chocolate! And really easy to make. She used whole walnuts (shelled, of course, but not split in 2 halves) and put them on a toothprick before covering them with chocolate. Walnuts on a stick =)

I'll make candied ones next month (gotta visit my parents first and replenish my walnut store. We have a big walnut tree that brought a record harvest last fall.)

Trekkiedane, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I have no parking lot only a subterranean garage with a very sensitive fire alarm system. (I live in one of a row of penthouses on top of a shopping mall - it's like a small village on the roof). I could maybe do it on my terrace, but I'd hav eto give the neighbours a warning. It'd be unfortunate if they'd hang the laundry out the minute I start to smoke something.
It's interesting that you use wet hay to smoke things. We use sawdust from different trees. Beech and juniper are best.
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