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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Urban did the best job of BOTH capturing the essence of the character AND imitating the character.
Agreed. Urban was uncanny.

I thought Pegg's Scotty was the biggest departure from the original, but was entertaining on its own terms.
Urban admitted that his McCoy was more a tribute to how Kelley played McCoy than his own interpretation of the character. So, he essentially deliberately gave himself the least wiggle room in recreating the character.

Pegg's Scotty was the freshest interpretation of the character of all of them, so it probably will take the longest to get used to. I bet we become more and more comfortable with him as Scotty in the new movie.

Just my two cents, but of all of them, I think Pine had the hardest job and nailed it best. If he haden't been an utterly convincing Kirk, it would've dragged the rest of the movie down.
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