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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Speaking of pure shit, that's how I'd describe Cena literally dumping shit on Ziggler and AJ. He broke kayfabe and was talking about Ziggler's pushes and was harping on about hustle, loyalty and respect only to end with that which makes no sense whatsoever...typical WWE nowadays.

The Rock's appearances on Raw and Smackdown this week were pretty entertaining (both Punk and Sandow/Rhodes played off him well). Del Rio vs. Big Show on Smackdown was surprisingly great with both men putting on an awesome match and the hot crowd eating up Del Rio's win. Like I've mentioned in the past I actually like Del Rio and his ringwork but I think his heel persona is tired so I hope this face turn works.

Aside from those things, I don't recall a single thing from the past few weeks. Oh, honorable mention goes to AJ's wardrobe malfunction on Smackdown with her top rolling up (to reveal her bra-covered assets). : *drool*
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