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Re: Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

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Without booting her character, Worf would have never come center-stage. Worf would probably never make DS9 too. We might have never gotten the expanded role of Klingons that we enjoyed in Redemption, DS9, etc. They also would have ditched Troi. They only kept her because 2/3 of the female cast was already gone. Troi wasn't the best character, but if I had to choose between Yar and Troi+Worf, the choice is simple.
Here's the thing. TNG's treatment of women was shameful boarding on offensive. Yes, Worf was a great addition and having his role expanded brought a great level of an 'alien' presence to the show. But as a replacement to Yar, it just felt too much like everyone was apologizing for putting a woman in an important position and rectified it by putting the most burly man thing in the whole franchise as her replacement. And when the writers decided to introduce the next season of the show, they had the only main female character raped by a space entity, and have Crusher's replacement be a complete unprofessional bigot. And even though they establish this alien child is exactly like Troi, it's conveniently male.

And as for the portrayal of Klingon culture.... that's a different debate all together. In short, I have a hard time believing a race that's so obsessed with honor, death and glory would be able to build ships that not only rival that of the Federation's (A century old design that's decades old AND DEFECTIVE destroys the Enterprise D), but also have cloaking devices. Because having an honorable battle with a worthy opponent means you should sneak up on him to gain the upper hand.
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