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Re: Speed of Ferengi cultural change: Believable?

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^ If Mr. Slug-O-Cola can come around, then they will too, eventually.
As said:
How long did it take for the majority of USA's population to reject racism? How many centuries?
1 year is supposed to be believable? Ridiculous.

BTW, 1 year is not even close to enough for 'profit' to materialize from women gaining rights:
-in order to buy (creating profit for ferengi business men), one must have money; in order to gain money, one must have a job; in order to have a job, one must have skills useful on the work market - skills which the vast majority of ferengi women lacked.

Again - USA is a good example:
Did the freedom of afro-americans translate into more profit for the former slavers?
And the afro-americans did have useful skills (in agriculture, primarily).
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