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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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He hung around on the ballot a lot longer than anyone expected to, and the Red Sox started a massive PR campaign to get him elected, primarily through Dan Shaughnessy, since they have their arm so far up his ass they can move a finger and make him sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" on command. That's another guy who really doesn't belong -- "most feared hitter," my ass.
Agreed, IBB numbers show the "fear" pretty clearly. The "marketing" of Rice's candidacy was a sharp contrast to his Red Sox contemporary Dwight Evans. I'm not saying Dewey should go in, either, but in totality his offense numbers are pretty impressive and he sustained them well into his 30s. I hate to say it, as a Red Sox fan from childhood, but the team has had a racism rep for a long time and its HoF contingent looks pretty white. I have to wonder.

but if you look at more than just stats, I think Morris belongs.
I ... I don't even know how to parse this when we're talking about whether a player belongs in the Hall of Fame, which is a distinction based entirely upon statistics.
Yeah, if the criteria are "more than just stats," what are they? Is that a door we really want opened?
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