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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Berman gets a lot of blame from the fans, when often cases Berman is either just passing down notes from the studios, or making decisions based on the people he works with. Be it actors or the department heads.

Berman in an interview talked about bloopers and he stated that due to concern from the cast about how they appeared, they wouldn't be released.

Ie someone in the cast didn't want them out. So Berman said no. It's been long assumed to have been Stewart, who never liked press to see the behind the scenes acting, who asked for privacy.

People blame Berman for the music style, but people behind the scenes point to it being more the opinion of the department head.

Writers have talked about being told they couldn't due this or couldn't do that by Rick, and we fans then blame Berman. And a good part of the time (and interviews later with various writers and producers seem to give it credence) is that it was Berman telling them it, but that many of those were studio notes. Notes that have to be listened to.

His not perfect or anything, but Berman gets little credit for the success of the shows, yet also takes far more blame for their faults then he actually deserves.
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