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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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I think the problem is not really within the Star Trek ranks, but how it would be embraced when transmitted out to the American populace.
Again, I have no idea why you'd think that about this generation of TV viewers. A quarter-century ago, maybe, but today? Like I said, the Cold War ended quite a while ago.
You have no idea why an american main character is preferable to a russian/chinese/etc one in what is, essentially, an adventure series (with SF elements)?

That would be because star trek is made to be sold primarily to american audiences.
And the audience is far more likely to identify with, to 'cheer for' the main character (AKA the series is more likely to be a financial success) if the main character is someone from their 'team' (AKA 'tribe', cultural group, etc)

Multiculturalism is all fine and well, until millions of dollars of profit are concerned.
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