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Re: Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

It's a shame what happened with the Yar character, leading to her departure, BUT...

Without booting her character, Worf would have never come center-stage. Worf would probably never make DS9 too. We might have never gotten the expanded role of Klingons that we enjoyed in Redemption, DS9, etc. They also would have ditched Troi. They only kept her because 2/3 of the female cast was already gone. Troi wasn't the best character, but if I had to choose between Yar and Troi+Worf, the choice is simple.

Between that silver lining and Yesterday's Enterprise, everything worked out for the best. Crosby left on good terms, so she could come back in YE, as Sela, and in the finale. It's a shame DS9 never got Terry Farrell back. They could have brought her back for the mirror universe episode, at the very least.
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