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Since it was suggested in a Sherlock thread that there should be a separate thread for CBS' Elementary (though there are dead threads here and here)...

There were two big pieces of Elementary news yesterday.

First, Rob Doherty talked about the Super Bowl episode, Moriarty, and Irene Adler as part of the Television Critics Association's press tour. In particular, despite recent revelations, there will be an actress cast as Irene.

Second, John Hannah has been cast Rhys, Holmes' former drug dealer.

I can't place Hannah (he was in The Mummy movies, though I don't remember him).

As for Adler, I hope that, like the Canon character, she's an American. If she's from New Jersey, again like the Canon character, then that could suggest a reason for Holmes' decision to come to New York, so that he can experience the world that she knew before her murder.
John Hannah was Evie's brother, the greedy one.
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