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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Is there a split in the franchise somewhere?

The last animated movies point to a "Next Generation" for the ship, but obviously those plans were shelved with the remake...
IIRC, the movie franchise wound up concluding the story of the original Yamato franchise, so that was all tapped out before they decided to reboot the franchise.

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Not much I can add to Ithekro's comment. I pretty much agree with everything. Its basically the same story updated for 21st century sensibilities. Even though I confess I'm not too fond of the men getting spiffy uniforms while most of the women get stuck with those yellow thong bodysuit things. Ah well, just something we have to tolerate in the name of fan service I suppose.
What's really funny is that the Yamato uniforms kinda look lamer than the ones everyone wore before they got on the ship. But I am so thankful they have more than three uniform colors and crew divisions. I wish Star Trek could take a page out of Yamato's book there.

I confess that since anime switched to cg coloring, I've hated the tendency for shows to have a wierd soft focus, blurry look. Not here. Everything is perfectly clear, and it seems like they've gone out of their way to make it look like old school cel animation.
I think the soft focus might have been due to the digital tape masters those shows used for broadcast/DVD releases, as seen with the TNG and some anime remasters (including Cowboy Bebop). Low quality tape usually makes everything look like shit.
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